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You take a few last steps through deep sand and turn around. Your gaze wanders over the sand covered valley. Down there in that tiny town people are probably already busy making their 'arroz con gandules'. You take a few deep breaths and the warm air fills your lungs, already strained from the climb. But at least there is air - clear and pure. No comparison to the city air that you - unlike your friends - left behind you. The adults only seemed bothered about 'grade this' and 'education that'. Not the only ones either, given how empty this beach seems to be.

You quietly celebrate your decision to homeschool. 

It's wonderfully serene here. You look around and finally find the trail markers that will lead you to the best view you've seen in awhile.

You leave the beautiful panorama behind.

Greetings, code-cracker of the internet! If you are here, that means you, like me, have an insatiable thirst for the secrets of HKTV! Welcome to my private study, or “stalk-itorium”, where I collect my most elusive files! By all means, creep around to your heart’s content!

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